Dating a 40 year old

Everyone needs a girlfriend!

I find him very attractive too, i have told him that. He wants to fly me anywhere in the world and i declined.

You're Almost Signed Up

While i do this type of games, i am very sweet responsible person and would much prefer to runaway with a proper boyfriend as i have a value and i'm no slut. I didn't of course tell him that bit, but we agreed that he would come to Venezuela instead and visit me. He was the one that proposed it. Things have gone a bit cold, as the guy was getting too intense with me and i told him i didn't feel comfortable with such sexual intensity.

Why Do Women Choose Older Men?

He agreed, and uninstalled the whatsapp to avoid uncomfortable moments and he is now more distant, in the sense we have not picked up sexual conversation since a week ago, but instead exchange emails about anything else. He is still coming, but i don't know if i fucked it up losing the "chat" tool.

He is very successful, handsome, perfect I can even see him on my TV and we can even talk in spanish.

I sincerely find him to be a very interesting person, and i don't know it would not be a bad idea to date. I'm not a gold digger by any means nor an interested person. Thankfully i do not have any economic problems and i have travelled all over the world!!! For my age i have been to about 40 countries, know plenty of stuff and it's not like the guy can seduce me with all his money, travel stories, academia etc because i have that too.

I know he wants sex, i want it too. I am almost convinced the guy will want an adventure, a fling, one night stand whatever you name it, but i want to sincerely escalate it to a serious relationship.

24 year old woman dating 33 year old man

I guess it's very improbable i get an answer. As a previous poster said , it is different to approach a man than a woman. Thought i would find some experts here though, some interesting comments or something to read about, as any input is welcomed. Join Date May Gender: Location Waalwijk Posts I dont now if your real it seems to me very unlikely that women is coming for advice on a board like this, unless you want to run a scam with the skillset that we could provide you with.

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The change that he wants a adventure is very likely If you spent more time with him if you get the change he will still have thoughts ad the back of his mind that you are after his money that your a gold digger. If things get serouis then you have to communicate to him that you only want to be with him and that you are not there for his money.

I dont think this age difference plays a role. There is one thing to consider It depends on how young his hart is to have a equivalent relationship He has more experince and other experinces this could become a piont of stress for you because you still have to develop yourself and are hold back by somebody with experience. Join Date Nov Gender: Location still above the dirt Posts I hat to be the one to say it, but you are nothing but a fantasy You may be beautiful, and you may be exactly what he claims he wants All the men on here will argue with me, but to him, you are his hot foreign porn star, and that is pretty much what you will remain.

He is keeping the fantasy going as long as he can, but he knows he is too damn old to keep up with a 24 year old, and you will realize that yourself if he ever does actually visit you. Talking to a girl from a year ago, after being out of the country for a year.. By boinky69 in forum The Forum. Running game on year olds as a 30 year old?

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4 Things Men Over 40 Want Women To Know - The Girlfriend

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