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Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen. About Koharu no Hibi. How intense is the yandere part. Does the girl go crazy and starts to kill off her competitors?

If the answer is yes, that is a must read for me. And no, I was unaware that nozoki no ana had a spinnoff. Aww that's a Shame, Moe Kare is really good! Smash isn't really a love triangle don't worry: I myself don't really consider I''s a "harem" manga because the MC is mostly faithful to the first girl he likes throughout the whole manga, while in some others the MCs can't really decide between the girls I've found this one pretty cool.

Hope that kinda explained it for ya. Manga fans usually get upset when an anime adaptation takes too many liberties with the source material, but in this case, any changes have not hurt because the anime has been well-received. For example, Episode 1 adapted only the first 20 pages of chapters 0 and 1 by adding anime original content.

The first page of the manga literally opened with Narumi and Hirotaka Nifuji accidentally bumping into each in the hallway.

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In only 8 pages they were already dating, so for the anime, A-1 Pictures slowed down the fast pacing several notches and gave fans extras to smile about. But for the most important scenes, the anime has been a panel-by-panel adaptation. The second episode continued the slower pace by introducing original content that developed the characters gradually. The second episode covered the awkward office interactions of chapters 2 and 2.

For those wanting to read the manga, the following provides a quick guide to how the anime adapted the manga chapters and the order in which the chapters appeared:. The anime did skip some chapters which could be adapted in the second season. Those two chapters combined would make a good OVA episode Chapter 24 was probably skipped because it was an oddball story about how the characters would differently approach pealing a tangerine and how that related to their personalities. Technically, Episode 11 did briefly touch on the subject, but the full story shows how the two argued over the volleyball courts but began bonding.

All in all, the anime has adapted the chapters from the two available English manga volumes, so fans wanting to read ahead of the anime will need to wait until October when the third volume releases. Her wish soon comes true when the most popular boy in school, Kazehaya, begins talking to her.

Kyoko Mogami followed her childhood friend to Tokyo to support his dream of becoming an idol. But her dreams of one day marrying him are shattered when she discovers he was just using her. Two things elevate this plot about a woman scorned. Shoyo Hinata loves volleyball and aspires to become of the best players around.

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He has no intention of letting his short height get in the way of his dreams. Now, these once-rivals must become an unstoppable team to return their school to its former volleyball greatness. Japan loves baseball, and this manga highlights the emotional ups and downs of the sport.

It follows Eijun Sawamura, a lefthanded pitcher who is recruited by a Tokyo high school known for its powerhouse baseball team. A fair number also feature traditional strategy games! Chihayafuru showcases the Japanese card game, karuta, through its heroine, Chihaya, who displays an unexpectedly natural aptitude for the game.

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Takehiko Inoue is probably better known for his other basketball series, Slam Dunk. Real is a mature take on the sport, told through the lens of wheelchair basketball. It looks at people marginalized by society in different ways and provides a realistic take on physical disabilities and psychological trauma. Full of exquisite art and carefully researched cultural details, this is one for the historical fiction lovers out there. Despite the significance of historical samurai manga like Lone Wolf and Cub and Lady Snowblood , the genre went out of fashion in the manga medium for almost two decades.

Blade of the Immortal takes an anachronistic look at the genre, mixing the traditional aesthetic of formal samurai culture with modern fashions and speech patterns. Although Inoue is well-known for his sports manga, Vagabond is his foray into the historical samurai genre.

In an alternate history of feudal Japan, a mysterious disease kills off most of the male population.

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This leads to a matriarchal society in which women assume the role of the shogun and their harem—the Ooku—consists of beautiful men. If you know your Japanese history, especially that of the Tokugawa Shogunate, reading this speculative take on those events is nothing short of fascinating.

Naoki Urasawa has created many series that belong on any best manga list. I selected Monster because it defies the expectation that all manga involves superpowers, the supernatural, or the end of the world. Instead, it follows a brilliant brain surgeon who—when given the choice between two lives to save—chooses to operate on a young boy who later grows up to become a serial killer. The city they live and work in, however, seethes with unspoken tensions between gangs, regular people, and the descendants of genetically engineered super soldiers from a previously fought war.

As you can guess, that conflict soon boils over with explosive, tragic results. Here, a manga artist assistant continues through life, seeing himself as a supporting character even in his own story. Now he has no choice but to take control of his own destiny and do whatever he can to survive.

Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel Tokyo Ghoul: It follows college student Ken Kaneki, who goes on a date with a beautiful woman that ends up being a monster. Much like Devilman , this series delves into the psychological conflicts that arise between humanity and the monstrous but reaches a different conclusion. Junji Ito is undoubtedly one of the greatest horror masters, but it can be difficult to pick which one of his works is the best manga in the genre. But when we talk about Junji Ito, Uzumaki inevitably comes up.

What makes Ito so amazing as a horror creator is that he uses atmosphere and psychological anxieties to instill unease and disquiet in readers to astonishing effect.

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These days, Togashi is famously known for his many hiatuses on his current series, HunterxHunter. Before that, however, was this story about a teenaged delinquent who dies while saving a child but gets a second chance on life so to speak by performing good deeds at the request of the spirit world. Togashi is married to the Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon! I love me a cute manga creator couple.

An episodic series about a man named Ginko, who travels from place to place, researching supernatural creatures called Mushi and helping people who are plagued by them. A deceptively quiet manga, this one will draw you in with its powerful, human-focused storytelling.

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The true plot of the manga, however, revolves around the pact Ciel made with a demon who has assumed the identity of Sebastian Michaelis, his butler. Twin orphans Rin and Yukio Okumura were raised by a powerful exorcist. But on the day their adoptive father dies, Rin makes a shocking discovery: Where are all my vampire lovers at? This manga is for you.