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Over Fifties Dating that's relaxed and fun Interested in Over Fifties Dating and you're a new single - divorced, widowed, or broken up from a long term relationship - you might be over fifty and dreading the thought of getting back to dating sceene. Over Fifties Dating is by far the easiest way of meeting new friends aged over fifty in your local area. Over Fifties Dating at wise Owl Dating is becoming the UK's internet dating and contact web site of choice for over fifties singles who are seriously looking for relationships and probably the only Over Fifties Internet dating web site that is progressively improving its search facilities and attracting thousands of new members.

We help to bring 's of over fifty singles members together online daily, our over fifties web site is simplicity itself and extremely easy to use. We are constantly making improvements to our website.

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Our Over Fifties Search system allows you to find other single people living in your area or further a field easily. He's not single and only thinking of himself. You need to have a talk with him and compromise on the time and plan ahead of time and not just the morning of, so that he has time to get to bed a few hours earlier.

I applaud you for taking the time to plan.

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Your bf should see how unreasonable that much sleep or that sleeping habit is to the relationship if it happens too often. Originally Posted by elaine I was married 15 years with a man like him and I had a long miserable life with him. He slept till 1 pm sometimes 2 pm each Saturday and Sunday. I tried everything to explain to him that he was sleeping through our our life and being a father is not about sleeping till 2 pm all weekends long. He did the same on week days. He's stay up all night watching sport so when he got home after work he wold fall asleep on the couch right away.

I was unable to wake him up for dinner so our daughter and I ate dinner while him sleeping on the couch most days of the week. By the time he woke up it was time for our daughter to go to bed.

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When I left him 15 years later one of the first thing i resented him for was to have slept though our marriage. If you want your life to be happening in the real and not always be waiting on a man that sleeps I suggest you terminate this relationship and find yourself a man that values getting up at a reasonable hour.

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  6. You sleep as much as you need to sleep and predefined of hours recommending them is not gospel nor applicable to many people. Do a little more googling and you'll find evidence, research showing that those sleep recommendations are not meant to be gospel. I have been going on around hours of sleep for decades and I have more energy, healthier then most of the population. I agree with Gaeta here, My first husband was a shift worker.

    I acommmodated his shift patterns for 4 years until I could stand it no more. He was never available - either at work or asleep.

    Then he would stay up until midnight or later to watch more sport on TV. So he went onto days. He would sleep in the chair after the evening meal until about After we divorced it was such a relief to be able to have a complete night's sleep without being woken up at 1. If someone is an "owl" they will never be compatible with a "lark" - sorry OP, but I would finish this now unless you want a BF who sleeps through your relationship.

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    The important point here is that the bf is sleeping through a very important part of the morning when it is not necessary. And, oh, btw, sleep habits can are often changed. A transmogrification from a lark to a night owl is a poor analogy. Originally Posted by Raena. This is precisely why night owls and early riser don't mix well It's insulting to assume that your mode of sleeping is better than others and that he needs to change.

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    I'm an adult and I consider myself to be pretty darn normal but if push came to shove I'd sleep all day and stay up all night in a heartbeat. I still manage to get done everything I need to get done even if I sleep in. If I could, I'd work nights and sleep days. I've always been that way and the only thing that changed it was becoming a parent and having to work early mornings. I still sleep late every chance I get. Heck, I send my son to visit with grandma periodically just so I can sleep in. If he wanted to do something during the day, he'd warn me in advance and I'd get up early.

    But he also made time for me to snuggle up and sleep in when I needed it. He'd get up early and do his own thing until I woke up.

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    It was never really an issue. It seems like you need to do the same OP Make a plan for those days when you really want to go do something earlier. Keep that in mind when you two decide on how to compromise about this. Originally Posted by Arieswoman. All times are GMT The time now is The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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